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"It's Doubled My Money"

"HART On Web has been so awesome, it's been wonderful and it's doubled my money! I'm just so pleased with everything. It's just been a wonderful experience with Herb Allure. It's a great marketing tool. I put a different product on Facebook and everybody sees it and they either sign up with me or they just buy the products. Five stars out of 5!"

—Bonnie, Virginia

"Sales Increase 40%..."

"When I finally decided to go ahead & invest in my "HART on web" website (from Herb Allure), I put a link to it through my main website & really started driving people there, encouraging them to read & learn about the products I was suggesting, BEFORE placing their order.

Well, once they read about their products, many were curios & went on to read about other NSP products.

Well, it's amazing how the purchase of 1 or 2 extra products from each client adds up.

I went from an average of $3000 a month in (online) sales to $5000 the very next month! And it has been consistently going up ...

I'm now seeing more people order online and others re-ordering who haven't ordered for a while.

The only regret? I should have gotten a HART website a year ago when I first learned about it!"

— Kim, Kissimmee, FL

"HART On Web is..."

"HART On Web is one of the most valuable tools we have invested in to support and grow our business; we use it every day and we love it!"  

—Linda, New Jersey


"I love my HART On Web Website!!"

"I love my HART On Web website!! It is awesome. It is easy for my clients to do their shopping PLUS get good informative product information while on my website.

I print the information sheets out for clients to help educate them on the products that I suggested for them. It is easy to email clients information on the NSP products.

HART is part of the heart of my business! I have been using different HART products over the years but the website if my favorite!"  

—Beverly, Texas


"The next day I had 3 orders from it..."

"I have been very happy with the website. After I sent out an email about it, the next day I had 3 orders from it, including one from a client that had only ordered once about 4 years ago. She went to the website and ordered on her own. Didn't even have to call me. A real bonus."  

—Kathy, Florida


"a big part of growing my business"

"Your website is a big part of growing my business...

Just the other night I was at a clients house and she was talking about not being able to sleep. I asked her about Valerian Root and she expressed some concerns.

I immediately pulled up my webpage and showed her all the information that you guys have collected.

It eased her mind and she placed an order. ...What an Epiphany for me."

—Vicki, Ohio


"I'm an NSP Distributor..."

"I am a Nature's Sunshine manager using the Compass to help my clients to determine what NS products are best for them. For additional information on the products I normally turn to Steven Horne's Comprehensive Guide. I recently signed up for the Hart on Web and had occasion to put it to very good use the very next day!"

"A client came into my office with a thyroid issue. The first item to come up was the essential oil Geranium. The Guide said that 'Geranium has a stimulating effect on the adrenal cortex and a regulatory effect on the hormonal system'. As her thyroid hormones are low she was having difficulty grasping how the Geranium would be helpful .. I decided to look it up on Hart on Web and it said...

'Geranium Essential Oil can be used to balance or even promote hormonal activity'.

This made the reason for using the Geranium clearer and my client happily went home with her bottle of Geranium! I am delighted to have this wonderful tool to educate my clients and downline members of NSP! Thank you so much!" 

—Erica, Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey 

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What is HART On Web?

HART On Web "Automated" System

The Website You Always Dreamed About

The HART NSP Master Reference for NSP products ("The HART Book") has been the #1 NSP educational and business-building tool for almost a decade-and-a-half.

HART On Web provides the entire HART book as a fully-functional, shopping-cart enabled website. We set it up, we keep it updated, it couldn't be easier. Now you have the website you always wanted!

HART On CD and HART NSP Master Reference by Herb Allure

HART Product Pages on Your Existing Website

Already have your own website? HART On Web allows you to embed individual HART NSP product pages within your existing website pages.

Supercharge your existing web pages or blogs by displaying in-depth, referenced NSP product information by simply dropping in a small piece of HTML code. Anyone can do it.

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Is HART On Web For Me?

If you are an NSP Distributor, HART On Web is for you.

If you don't have a website, HART On Web will provide a shopping system with all HART NSP product pages.

If you already have a website, HART On Web allows you to easily display NSP product pages directly on your existing web pages.

Is HART On Web For Me?...

Why HART On Web?

NSP Independent DistributorHART NSP Master Reference by Herb Allure

The KEY To Success: Educate

We've heard the same story year-after-year:

Successful NSP Distributors have built their businesses by simply handing out HART NSP product pages.

Customers bought! Business flourished!

Let your website hand out pages for you, 24/7 !

Education is the key.

We provide the tools. You help people. Your business grows. Everybody wins.

Search Engines

Draw Search Engine Traffic to Your Website

HART On Web is specially-designed to draw search engine traffic to your website. More traffic means more sales.

Traffic is brought to your website in 2 different ways:

(1) Direct Search: HART pages on your website draw traffic directly from Google - the world's largest search engine- to your website.

(2) Search Engine Capture: Our exclusive system captures traffic from all search engines and directs it to your website.

A web page displaying a HART NSP Product Page!

Make Your Website "The-Place-To-Go"

It's well-known that people are creatures of habit. Once they find a website that provides information they want, they will return often.

Imagine how people will view your website when you have 500 pages of in-depth scientific research about herbs and supplements.

People will return again and again, and when they visit, they will eventually buy.

Make your website "The-Place-To-Go."