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Introducing the "HART On Web" Website

The "Automated" System

"Automated" System

The "Emedded" System

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With or Without a Website

The "Automated" System

Whether you have an existing website or not, HART On Web provides you with a professional, fully-functional website and shopping cart with all available HART NSP product pages (about 500). This is called the "Automated" system, and it can work all by itself, or it can run right alongside your existing website.

The "Page-Embedding" System

If you have an existing website, HART On Web provides a unique service that enables you to display HART NSP product pages right inside your web pages, quickly and easily. This is called the "Page-Embedding" system.

Both Systems are Included

When you sign up with HART On Web, you have access to both the "Automated" and the "Page-Embedding" system at the same time, so it's possible (and often desirable) to use the Automated system right next to your existing website (if you have one). They can even link to each other.

Overview of the "Automated" System

The HART On Web "Automated" System displays a home page with a customizable welcome message, and about 500 HART NSP product information pages. These are the same NSP products pages that you find in the Herb Allure HART On CD computer program and in the HART NSP Master Reference book.

NSP Logo & Contact Information

This professional website has the Nature's Sunshine Independent Distributor logo and your personalized business contact information at the top of each page. If your customer prints a page, your contact information is right there at the top.

Comprehensive Product List

The home page has a comprehensive product list with links to all NSP product pages. This list is alphabetized and is easy-to-navigate.

Built-In Shopping Cart

The built-in shopping cart allows customers to easily add products to their cart. Customers check out directly through NSP's shopping system using your NSP ID. You get full credit for the sale and the customer is automatically signed-up under you.

Product Options

Some NSP products, like Garlic, come in different forms, like tablets and capsules.

For all products that have options, these options are displayed at the top of the product page so customers can quickly find the option that suits them best.


All HART On Web product pages are printable.

Email your clients a simple link to a product page and let them print a hard copy for themselves. Remember, your contact information is always printed at the top.

This is perfect for newsletters. Just include a link to the product page you're promoting and all of your recipients can view, print, or buy on the spot.

Automatically Updated

When NSP releases new products, the new product pages become available as soon as they have been researched, written, and posted.

You are promptly notified via email whenever new product pages become available.

Selectable Pricing

The shopping cart system can display member pricing, retail pricing, both, or no pricing at all. Just tell us what you want and we set it up for you.

Pricing & Shopping Features are Optional

Want to have an information-only system? No problem.

The HART On Web shopping system can be easily turned off so no shopping cart buttons appear. We can even turn off the display of all pricing information so HART On Web becomes the ultimate NSP product research library.

Member Price Explanation Page

HART On Web contains a concise page specifically devoted to explaining what member prices are.

When member prices are displayed, a link is available that allows customers to quickly read this information which definitely encourages them to spend at least $40 on their first order.

This feature is optional and can easily be turned off.

Easily Configurable Menu Bar

The HART On Web menu bar appears at the top of each page. This menu bar usually contains links to your home page, a "print this page" feature, and a "Contact Us" link.

HART On Web was designed so new links can easily be added to this menu bar. This allows HART On Web to link directly to other websites or anything you want.

Search Engine Capture System

We custom-designed a search engine capture system specifically to bring as much search engine traffic to your website as possible.

Our exclusive system excels at drawing traffic to itself and then directing this traffic straight to your website.

It is compatible with nearly all internet search engines and is included with HART On Web at no extra cost.

Free Search Engine Registration

When you sign up with HART On Web, we register your website with the leading 3 search engines for free. This includes Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

These three search engines account for over 90% of all search engine traffic worldwide.

Search engine registration does not guarantee that your website will be at the very top of search engine listings, but it does ensure that these search engines will include your website in their listings.

Web Designers: Total Customizable

HART On Web is designed from the ground up using simple HTML templates. This architecture makes it easy for web designers to customize your installation of HART On Web so it looks just the way you want.

Not only this, but the entire system is styled using external CSS style sheets. This makes it easy for web designers to control every aspect of the look and feel of HART On Web.

But don't worry. You don't need to know any of this to use and benefit from HART On Web. Let us set it up for you and you'll be up and running usually within 24 hours or less.

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