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Introducing the "Page-Embedding" System

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"Automated" System

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With or Without a Website

The "Page-Embedding" System

If you have an existing website, HART On Web provides a unique service that enables you to display NSP product pages right inside your web pages, quickly and easily. This is called the "Page-Embedding" system.

Full-Featured E-Commerce Website

Whether you have a website or not, HART On Web provides you with a professional, fully-functional website and shopping cart with all available NSP product pages (about 500).

Both Systems are Included

When you sign up with HART On Web, you have access to both the full-featured website and the "Page-Embedding" system at the same time, so it's possible (and often desirable) to use the Automated system right next to your existing website (if you have one). They can even link to each other.

Overview of the "Page-Embedding" System

The HART On Web "Page-Embedding" System allows you to display NSP product pages directly inside your existing web pages, quickly and easily.

This is perfect for blogs and online articles.

It's Quick & Easy

Just insert a small piece of HTML code in your web page and the specified NSP product page appears in that location.

So if you're creating a web page about allergies and you want to display the NSP product page for ALJ, just insert a small piece of HTML code. It's that simple.


All HART On Web NSP product pages are printable.

When you embed a HART On Web NSP product page inside a web page, when that web page is printed, the NSP product page prints right along with the rest of the page.

This is perfect for providing client-email support or for mass-mailing newsletters. Just include a link to the product page you're promoting and all of your newsletter recipients can view and print NSP product pages on the spot.

Automatically Updated

When NSP releases new products, these new product pages become available for embedding as soon as they are made available by Herb Allure. Any pages you've already embedded will be updated automatically. There's nothing you need to do to keep embedded pages up-to-date.

You are promptly notified via email whenever an update is issued.

Does Not Interfere with Your Website

When you embed HART On Web NSP product pages in your web pages, nothing else is affected. Your website remains entirely in your complete control.

Free Search Engine Registration

When you sign up with HART On Web, we register your website with the leading 3 search engines for free. This includes Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

These three search engines account for over 90% of all search engine traffic worldwide.

Search engine registration does not guarantee that your website will be at the very top of search engine listings, but it does ensure that these search engines will include your website in their listings.

Fully Documented

HART On Web is fully documented and even contains a small selection of informative videos to help you get started quickly.

Fully Supported

If you ever need help, Herb Allure provides online help through our technical support forum, and live phone support. We're here if you need us.

Display the Same Page Multiple Times

There is no limit on the number of times you can embed a HART On Web NSP product page on your website.

So if you have a web page about ADD, you may want to embed the NSP product page for DHA there. If you have another web page suggesting supplements for use during pregnancy, you may also want to embed the DHA product page there as well.

Your website design and layout remains in your complete control.

Web Designers: Total Customizable

HART On Web NSP product pages are easily customized using a CSS style sheet. Just update the style representing the attribute you want to change and all HART On Web NSP product pages change according to your instructions.

Nearly every aspect of embedded NSP product pages can be changed so embedded pages look just like they are part of your website.

CSS style sheet specifications and a sample style sheet are available for download in the HART On Web documentation area.

But don't worry. You don't need to know any of this to use and benefit from HART On Web. Embedding NSP product pages is simple and easy. Anyone can do it.

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