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Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains a list of frequently asked questions regarding HART On Web. Please select the question you wish to view from the list below.

How does HART On Web benefit my business?

Will HART On Web work with my existing website?

Can I send links to NSP product pages via email?

Are HART On Web documents printable?

Does HART On Web capture search engine traffic?

Can I customize the appearance of HART On Web NSP product pages?

Do I have to have a MyNSP website?

Is HART On Web a shopping cart?

How do I put a HART On Web document on my web page?

Is HART On Web simple to use?

Will HART On Web affect my website in any way?

How much storage space does HART On Web require?


topHow does HART On Web benefit my business?

When people see quality product information showing that supplements work, they buy. This is why thousands have built their successful NSP businesses by educating their customers.

Educate, and your business will grow, and HART On Web is all about education and ease-of-use. It's quick and easy to post this quality product information on your website and let it educate and sell products with no work required by you.

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have in the busy herbal industry. HART On Web makes your website educate and sell for you so you can spend your valuable time doing other things.

topWill HART On Web work with my existing website?


HART On Web can run right beside your existing website linking together with it. Customers on your existing website can visit your HART On Web system and then jump right back to your existing website if they wish.

You can also provide any number of links from your existing website into your HART On Web system, so if you have information about specific NSP products or particular ailments, you can link directly to a specific NSP product page on the HART On Web system to make is easy for a customer to learn more about a product that you're recommending.

(optional and FREE) HART On Web also provides a very unique (optional & no extra cost) service called "Page Embedding" that allows you to "embed" NSP product pages inside your existing website pages. This amazing system empowers you to display NSP product pages right where you want them, plus these pages are fully-customizable.

HART On Web "Page Embedding" is very easy to use and only requires that you drop a small piece of HTML code into your webpage. Our "Page Embedding" system uses industry-standard Javascript technology and is 100% compatible with all major browers.

topCan I Send Links To NSP Product Pages via email?


Just send your customer a link to the webpage containing the HART On Web NSP product page that you want them to have. It's as simple as "Copy & Paste".

topAre HART On Web documents printable?


HART On Web websites provide a "Print This Page" link at the top of every page allowing customers to easily print NSP product pages. Of couse, your contact information is always at the top of every page so customers don't forget where to go when they're ready to buy.

topDoes HART On Web capture search engine traffic?


Search Engines are the central powerhouses that drive traffic all over the web. By using HART On Web, your website becomes a magnet for search engine traffic with no additional effort from you.

Compatible with All Search Engines: HART On Web is built from the ground up using industry standard. This means that it is compatible with all computers, all browsers, and all search engines.

topCan I customize the appearance of HART On Web NSP product pages? (only applies to "Page Embedding")


You have complete control over nearly every aspect of the display of embedded NSP product pages. This powerful feature allows you to embed this information in such a way that it looks just like part of your website.

For example, you can:

    • Change the font type, size, and weight of each part of the page.
    • Make the background color match your website so it seamlessly integrates with your website's look and style.
    • Display product pages with or without pictures.
    • Select whether or not you want product stock numbers displayed.

This integration system uses well-defined cascading style sheets (CSS). This not only gives you complete control over the look of the embedded information pages, it also enables you to change or tweak the look of all documents on your website at the same time.

Complete details about all CSS definitions are provided in the documentation area. If you are unfamiliar with CSS, the documentation provides you with all of the information you need to begin tweaking pages quickly and easily.

topDo I have to have a MyNSP website?


You do not need to have a MyNSP website in order to take full advantage of a HART On Web website.

topIs HART On Web a shopping cart?


HART On Web maintains a shopping cart for your customers.

When customers check out, their shopping cart is transferred to the NSP website with your NSP ID attached. The customer checks out through the NSP website and you get full credit for the sale.

If the customer signs up as a Member or Distributor during checkout, they are automatically placed under you.

NSP did an excellent job designing this system and HART On Web allows you to reap the full benefits.

We should also mention that the shopping cart features of HART On Web can be easily and completely disabled so you can use the system purely as an "information-only" system. If you want to use it this way, just let us know. We do all the set-up for you.

topHow do I put a HART On Web document on my web page? (only applies to "Page Embedding")


    • First, log in to your HART On Web control panel.
    • Now, click the "Code Generator" link to visit the HTML code generator.
    • Select the product page you would like to insert into your web page.
    • The code generator now provides you with a short clip of HTML code that you simply insert into your web page at the location you want the NSP product page to appear.

That's it. You have successfully embedded a HART On Web NSP product page into your web page.

If you get the "Automated" system installed for your website, all 500 documents are automatically placed on your website. We install it for you. Please see the video on the home page for more information about the full-featured website.

topIs HART On Web simple to use?


If you use the full-featured website, there is nothing for you to do. We set it up and you have a huge, fully-functional shopping system usually the same day your order it.

If you use the Page-Embedding system, you can easily embed NSP product pages into your webpages by copying and pasting a line of HTML code. If you can do this, you can use the HART On Web Page-Embedding system.

The style, look, color, and fonts of HART On Web NSP product pages are completely customizable using CSS style sheets (only applies to "Page Embedding"). This requires a little more skill, but our simple step-by-step documentation enables even novices to tweak their pages however they wish.

If you have trouble, we're happy to help.

topWill HART On Web affect my website in any other way? (only applies to "Page-Embedding")


HART On Web simply embeds NSP product pages inside your existing web pages. No other part of your website is visually affected. You still have complete control over the design and layout of your existing website, just as you did before any NSP product pages were embedded.

topHow Much Storage Space Does HART On Web Require?

Very Little: At most, about 80K bytes.

HART On Web allows you to embed HART NSP product pages into your website. You do this by pasting a small block of HTML code into the body of each web page that you want a HART page to appear (or you can use our script that displays all pages).

This block of HTML code is only about 170 bytes (bytes - not kilobytes) long. So, for each product you insert, only about 170 bytes is used on your webserver.

If you were to insert all 474 pages (there are about 474 pages as of this writing although we do add pages as they become available), the total size added to your website would be about 80,580 bytes (about 80K) which is very little space by today's standards.

For those who understand modern computer terminology, you know that this is about 1/12th of one megabyte: a very small amount of storage. A typical small website can have about 100 megabytes.

The actual HART documents and images are stored on our server. They are delivered to your visitor's web page on demand, so the pages don't even require any additional bandwidth from your server (other than the embedded 170 bytes).

Conclusion: HART On Web is very light on your website storage space and virtually unnoticeable on your bandwidth.