This section gives you an overview of the HART On Web System.

The Essentials: What You Need To Do

There are many options available when using the HART On Web system, but there is really only one thing you need to do to make NSP product pages appear on your website:

You need to insert a small piece of HTML code into your webpages at the location you want the product page to appear.

The HTML code you need to insert is easily generated by "The Code Generator". Once you log into your control panel, simply go to the code generator, select a product, then paste the generated code into your web page.

That's all there is to it. You now have an NSP product page displaying on your webpage.

There are many options available that control how the page is displayed. To learn more, see the "The Code Generator" documentation.

The Search-Engine Capture System

The HART On Web system is designed to capture search engine traffic and direct it to your website. It does this by displaying a special website that draws visitors ("traffic") from the search engines and then directs these visitors to your website using ads.

When you sign up with HART On Web, we automatically create a "Default Ad" that is displayed on this website.

This special "Search Engine Capture" website contains every HART On Web NSP product page that is currently available. On each page, your default ad will display in rotation. Your default ad contains a link to the home page of your website (or any page you desire).

This system is very sophisticated and actually allows you to change your default ad to whatever you wish. Furthemore, you can design a completely different ad for each individual NSP product page that gets displayed.

If you want to optimize this powerful benefit of HART On Web, see the documentation for the "Ad Editor".