How Search Engine Capture Works

This section explains how the HART On Web Search Engine Capture System directs search engine traffic to your website.


HART On Web features a powerful Search Engine Capture System that brings visitors to your website 24/7.

The core of this system is an enormous website that contains every NSP product page that HART On Web currently has available (about 500). When people perform certain searches on search engines, these pages will show up in the search results. The exact pages that appear in search results depend on the search terms (words) that people search with and the search engine itself.

When these pages appear in search results, people will (inevitably) click on them. This will bring them to a page on the HART On Web Search Engine Capture System that contains an NSP product page.

As people read these product pages, they will become interested in products and want to purchase them.

The HART On Web Search Engine Capture System displays an ad for your website on each of these 500 pages. This ad contains a link directly to your website. When you use the "Ad Editor" you get to decide which ad links to which page on your website.

For example, you can have your ad on the NSP Adrenal Support product page link directly to the Adrenal Support page on your website. This is a powerful concept for getting people to your website who are ready to buy.

For more information about using the Search Engine Capture System, see the documentation for the Ad Editor.