Page Appearance

This section explains how to use the "Page Appearance" settings.


As the title suggests, the Page Appearance area allows you to customize the appearance of HART On Web pages when they are displayed on your website.

There are other more detailed settings that enable you to control every aspect of page display, from the font type down to the background color of the page. These setting involve CSS style sheets and are described in another section.

Show Product Pictures

When this is checked, then NSP product pictures will be displayed within the HART On Web pages that are embedded in your webpages.

If you don't want product pictures to appear, simply uncheck this option.

This setting can be overridden on a product-by-product basis when you are using the Code Generator.

Show Product Options

When this is checked, the product Stock Number, count, and media type (capsules, tablets, etc.) are displayed on the HART On Web pages that are embedded in your webpages.

A typical "Product Option" may appear like this:

Stock #872-9 (100 capsules)

If you do not want this information to appear, simply uncheck this option.

Character Set

Every web page has a "Character Set" associated with it. This character set ensures that all the characters that make up your page display correctly on the user's browser when they view your webpage.

If you're not sure what character set your website uses, leave it set to it's default setting: Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1).

If you are using a website that uses a character set that is not offered in the list, please contact us. We can offer HART On Web pages in virtually any character set available upon request.

Watermark Colors

Depending on the current policy implemented by HART On Web, the pages that display on your website may (or may not) display a faint, barely-visible watermark in the background. This watermark will contain your website's web address.

The items labeled "Foreground" and "Background" let you decide how you want this watermark to appear.

When displaying HART On Web pages on a white background (the default setting), we recommend that you leave the foreground set to "eeeeee" and the background set to "ffffff". This will cause your watermark to appear as a very faint gray color.

If you wish to change your watermark colors, just use the two color pickers to change the foreground or background colors of your watermark.

Save Changes

Remember, your settings will not be saved until you click the "Save Changes" button.